Step Cut Piston RingAD Piston Ring manufactures a step cut piston ring, which is a common, cost effective joint configuration .  They are easy to install and most versatile.

Step cut piston rings are used where two rings per grove are not practical. Step cut piston rings are used to stop a direct flow path between the cylinder and the piston.  It is a very good bi-directional seal for many sealing purposes.

They are commonly used in combustion engines, compressor applications and in die cast applications.  Also, they are one-piece, turned face, quick seating for pumps, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders as well.

Step cut piston rings are used in conjunction with other rings or as stand-alone applications.   Step cut piston rings can be made of cast iron , stainless steel and bronze aluminum materials.

Call us to best determine your application and material.

Step cut piston rings are available in 2 inches to 30 inches.